Inventory Control

How Does OMS's Inventory Controls Help My Business?

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Inventory management is about knowing what you have in your warehouse and where your stock is located. However, unless it's integrated with your back-office systems, an inventory management system alone can't effectively optimize your inventory, nor ensure the inventory asset value on your financial reports matches what is physically in stock—at least not without manual intervention and reconciliation

Inventory optimization

Having the right mix and the right amount of inventory on hand is paramount to both customer and management satisfaction. Customers want your products on demand, and you would prefer no working capital be tied up in inventory. Balancing these conflicting objectives is tricky and, carrying extra inventory wastes money beyond the initial material and labor investment. Activities such as storing, counting and reworking inventory tie up additional working capital, and potentially reduce the availability of products your customers want. Planning the right level and amount of inventory requires your sales order, purchase order and planning systems to have real-time visibility of your inventory.

Control Demand with OMS

Profitable fulfillment begins with a single, accurate, enterprise-wide view of consumer demand. But in today’s environment of shorter product lifecycles, seasonality, multiple channels, frequent promotions and continuously evolving customer preferences, how can you achieve consistent forecast accuracy? With OMS leveraging real-time insights, collaborative inputs and statistical analysis, the OMS solution generates a long-term perspective of demand, segmented by product, geography and channel — supporting strategic, proactive resource planning.

Control Fulfillment with OMS

In today’s competitive world, profitable fulfillment is an enormous challenge. You want to maximize service by delivering products when and where your customers want them — but you also need to consider your own financial goals. Enter the OMS Fulfillment. This best-in-class solution protects your margins by positioning the right inventory in the right DCs and stores at the right time. By leveraging real-world demand signals, OMS helps you create optimal, time-phased inventory and distribution plans.

An OMS Inventory Control System Means Everything is in Place

It is easy to underestimate the power and value of the OMS inventory software products. For years the solutions we provided were never limited by capabiities and were never cumbersome and complex to use. That's one reason why wholesale/retail distributors embrace the value of the OMS inventory software. It is also known that the OMS inventory management software solutions integrates seamlessly with into your existing business processes and simplify the process and translate the most complex requirements into supply chain solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term ROI. Isn't it time to take a look at your current processes and consider integrating or replacing your current inventory management software with OMS?

The Most Effective Way of Inventory Control with OMS

Wholesale/retail distribution companies who use OMS, understand how our inventory software simplifies the process of managing and tracking products to improve efficiencies while reducing carrying costs. There is no doubt that the ability to effectively manage inventory levels and track goods throughout the supply chain is critical for distributors of all types and sizes.

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