Purchasing Manager Advantages

Meet Customer Demand while Correctly & Efficiently Replenishing Your Inventory

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One of the biggest headaches many distributors may face is purchasing management and inventory. Running low on necessary items, placing duplicate orders, or losing placed orders are just some of the problems that a distributor may face when dealing with purchasing in a traditional sense. With the OMS Purchase Order controls you can alleviate many of those problems while also making the process more streamlined and efficient. After all, the main idea of purchasing management is to cut out and automate as many steps as possible while also reducing costs and employee-related errors.

Multiple Purchase Order Types

Multiple purchase order types are supported to provide the ability to support normal stock replenishment, special order items, factory drop shipments and purchases for in-house consumption or shipping to your 3rd patry logistics partner. Easily configure different purchase order types for specific projects. These purchase order types can be established and created for specific requirements without custom programming.

OMS Purchasing Features Include:

  • PO Estimated Ship Date/ETA Dates, Cancellation Dates
  • Allocate Sales Orders to Purchase Orders for Customer Commmitment Assurance
  • PO On-Water Shipment Tracking
  • Vendor Pricing History
  • Generate PO's from Minimum Stock, Open Sales Orders
  • Allocate All Costs by Weight, Volume or Dollars at PO Receiving
  • Scan All In-Bound Items UPC, Serial Numbers
  • Auto Generate Last Landed Cost and Average Cost
  • Generate Accounts Payable Open Item Transactions to Appropriate Debit Accounts and by Vendor in the Supply Chain Process
Send Purchase Orders via Email

With your email keep track of it all. Send accurate and consistent purchase orders via email in a snap with OMS.The OMS vendor file uses your supplier contact information so that yu can email them automatically. OMS saves all PO's and you can save your emailed purchase orders as PDFs.

Track Purchase Order and Backorder Status

By using OMS's simple purchase order inquiry tools, you can access your incoming shipments in just a few clicks and you can view the shipment status immediately. Choose to export your PO's too with the built-in Excel export function.

Partially Receive Shipments

Expedite your purchasing process by running it all through MS's inventory control. Didn’t get all the items you ordered from your last shipment? With OMS, you can partially receive shipments from suppliers and easily edit backorders to receive remaining shipments and then reconcile at a later date.

Integrated Throughout OMS

Take the worry out of updating your inventory in-stock and available quantities. Once a PO has been received all your inventory is auto updated in OMS, your landed costs and average costs are then calculated through the PO Receive to aid in the calculations of gross profit margins. Track all remaining open PO's and trace all inbound PO's while on-water and do so by container and vessel. ALl the information needed to answer any questions are in OMS and all is in real time.

If you use our OMS warehouse management software, then the simplification and efficiency of PO processing imporves visibility, traceability, and movement throughout your entire operations.