Management Advantages

Tangible Business Benefits to Expect From OMS

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A business owner/CEO is ultimately responsible for every decision that is made within the company. The job can be very demanding, but also very rewarding when the company succeeds. You may have a clear vision of where your company needs to be but not a clear path on how to get there

With OMS, your business can benefit from lower overall costs, better alignment between technology and specific business needs, scalability, ease of deployment and management, easier upgrades, anytime anywhere access and high reliability, plus...

  • Improved overall management visibility to business operations
  • Improved sales performance
  • Improved inventory control and planning
  • Improved visibility to company’s financial performance in real-time
  • Improved on-time delivery
  • Reduced purchasing cost
  • More...

  • Increased Revenues

    Top-line revenue growth is the name of the game in today’s relatively weak global economy. Unfortunately, too many organizations leverage OMS software to minimize costs and neglect to capitalize on the opportunities to increase revenue growth. Modules such as CRM and advanced demand planning can help ensure that your sales team can sell more and that your operations are able to deliver on that customer demand. The key is to look at the inefficiencies in both your customer and revenue-related business processes to identify opportunities to improve your top-line revenue growth, which can be accomplished via the OMS business software reengineering efforts.

    Decreased Inventory Cycle Times

    Most organizations hold too much inventory or build too much capacity to compensate for not being able to accurately predict demand for particular products or services. By using OMS you will be able to better predict customer demand and manage inventory accordingly – minimizing the need to unnecessarily stockpile excess inventory and capacity. We’ve found that this business benefit alone can be enough to pay for a the OMS business software solution multiple times over within a year of making the investment

    More Efficient Business Processes

    Most wholesale/retail distribution businesses have a hodgepodge of inefficient business processes, manual processes and legacy systems that are a bad combination of both grossly inefficient and expensive. OMS can often fix this problem, but only if those processes are carefully defined and reengineered. The OMS business software slution will agive you the tools to let you define your new business processes for you – ensuring that you close the gap between your more inefficient “as-is” processes and your desired “to-be” processes. By implementing your new business processes through OMS – you can easily monitor performance metrics and transition plans to get there – this will ensure that you can leverage commonly underutilized business benefits of OMS

    Integrated Business Processes

    Similarly, integrated business processes can deliver a great deal of ROI to organizations implementing OMS. The ebenfits means better integration between customer service, operations, accounting, sales and other key functions in your business and, will help drive top and bottom-line financial growth.

    Higher Employee Morale

    Although it may be a bit tougher to measure than some of the other business benefits mentioned above, employee morale typically increases over time as a result of implementing the OMS business software solution. Transactions are easier to execute, there are less manual process workarounds and OMS is typically more intuitive and easier to learn. OMS will help you maximize employee morale.