Warehouse Management System

In today’s competitive market, you need to do far more than simply manage the level of inventory in warehouses. You need to know with complete accuracy at all times exactly what is available, where it is located and how to best meet distribution requirements. You must be agile in accommodating new inventory and distribution process flows to meet rapidly changing market and customer demands. You need a warehouse management system that can support all types of warehousing and gives you comprehensive functionality. You need OMS WMS to stand up to your challenges.

Achieve Improved Efficiency Throughout Your Warehouse

Your warehouses are the supply stations for the stock that you put on your shelves. The inventory comes in from your suppliers and is ideally stored and maintained in a way that allows peak efficiency in getting the right product to the right customer at the right time. That means you need to have the best warehouse management for your particular customer, or you will have a huge bottleneck in your supply chain. The OMS WMS provides more than just real-time control over inbound, outbound and inventory management processes. The highly-configurable system adapts with your warehouse operations to streamline end-to-end supply chain execution processes.

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Receive by PO's and/or by Shipment's

The OMS WMS provides real-time solutions for the receipt of goods into the warehouse against Purchase Orders and also automates the receipt of Inbound Manifests and Shipping Containers spanning multiple PO's. The receiving process automates and validates the receipt of goods against purchase orders.

Bin (Location) Management

The WMS processes can guide the user to "putaway" the stock to the correct location. Depending on your warehouse configuration and product strategy this could be direct to the pick bin if empty or below a set minimum level, nearest empty location or the product zone. This ensures that stock is always optimally located ready for efficient order picking.

Outbound Processes

Sales Orders and Pick Tickets

We know the importance of efficient, accurate and on-time shipments to your customer. With the OMS WMS pick & pack you deliver performance-driven customer service. You will have the ability to manage your high products counts, seasonality and increased demands. WMS offers a unique combination of capability, flexibility and proven processes to deliver a competitive advantage to your pick and pack requirements.

By using the built in Sales Order and/or the Pick Tickets you can pull together the right products to fulfill customers requests for customer specific orders. Generated electronic pick tickets can be produced in bin pick sequencing order, or you can use the sales orders for all pulls. The OMS WMS enables you ship all product or partial shipments from an order all completely through wireless mobile devices to pick and confirm quantities for all bin locations easily

OMS WMS provides uninterrupted visibility of inventory, orders and monitors your associates in the warehouse for optimal workload planning, allocation of resources, increased order throughput and enhanced demand planning

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The OMS WMS system provides perpetual tracking for products to be received, picked, packed, shipped, on-hold, damaged goods, and completed orders. Furthermore, real-time inventory status is available down to the inventory item level. You can even cross-dock inbound to outbound orders to save time. OMS operates seamlessly and provides accurate movement control. For wholesale/retail distribution operations the WMS system is able to segregate receipts by client order while the Open-to-Sell reporting keeps you up to date on all un-assigned inventory, allowing for fast turnaround on products to be sold and shipped.

Workflow Visibility - Real Time Dashboard

The OMS WMS provides a means to monitor, measure and actively engage your warehouse associates with Task Scheduling and real-time monitoring; all through visual interactive dashboards. The OMS WMS Task Manager controls the release and allocation of orders, deliveries and warehouse activity and allows the assignment of tasks, groups of tasks to warehouse staff.

Your warehouse teams can view task activity and prioritise tasks to meet the changing demands of the business and meet customer service targets and load requirements. The WMS Task Manager can be used to carry out stock replenshments, putaways and picks in a logical sequence, simultaneously. It also enables visibility in real time on the key activity tasks, by individual picker, and records the time taken to complete each task, which enables performance comparisons and provides the basis for planning.

WMS and the right combination of mobile devices

Operating on both ANDROIDtm and Appletm tablet devices OMS WMS uses the lastest web technologies and provides "POCKET OMS." a wireless universe of scanning functionality for warehouse operations.

There are numerous built in functions delivered throughthe use of "Pocket OMS" such as:

  1. Sales Order Pick Up
  2. Pick Ticket Pick Up
  3. Prchase Order Receiving
  4. Shipment Receiving
  5. Counting, Adjusting, Transferring and Put Away
  6. Messaging and Alerts
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