OMS User Conference 2017

On June 2, Master System held its 2017 OMS User Conference in the ballroom of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Arcadia. The user conference featured OMS user presentations, invited guest speakers and teams of OMS support analyst presentations.


Hundreds of OMS users from across north America gathered to learn and hear about the how they can breathe life into their business through the use of OMS. This year's conference saw the largest gathering of OMS users.


The user conference kicked off with a keynote address by Bob Greenberg, VP/GM of Master System who welcomed the OMS users. Bob took the users on a journey to where and how OMS is headed in response to the changing landscape and watershed moments of wholesale distribution.

Bob then introduced Dave Randall, Operations Manager who began with an overview of AMAZON and offered the users a clear path to on how to handle the forces of change while using OMS. Dave's presentation focused on AMAZON and the many ecommerce Marketplaces and how through the integrated OMS API connection all OMS users can take part in selling and listing their products on AMAZON and on the market places. Dave finished his presentation by sharing the entire OMS automated workflow from order to fulfillment and how to make money, save time and save money when using OMS.


Presentations Featured: OMS the BIG Picture, the OMS Warehouse Management System and Task Manager, Capitalizing on the vital OMS Accounting Inquiries and other business intelligene inquiries, Emailing, Cloud OMS, EDI and More...

The Future is Bright with OMS

Our users rely on the OMS (ERP) enterprise business software everyday for all the aspects of their wholesale/retail distribution business. Our teams of support analysts then reviewed in detail how our flagship ERP OMS saves time and money; the capabilites of Cloud OMS; Integrated EDI to complete a fullround-trip handsfree; Ecommerce for Business-to-Business, AMAZON and web Marketplaces; Mobile OMS on any of over 400-devies, the integrated OMS Warehouse Management System and Task Manager; Business critical Acccounting and business intelligence inquiries and more...


IBM Watson Was On Hand

IBM's Watson was on hand and Roger Lloyd of IBM led the users on how Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive thinkingrelates to wholesale distribution.

Robby Soofer, President, Alpine Corporation

Mr. Robby Soofer of Alpine Corporation shared with the users how he and his business are capitalizing on the use of OMS through automation. Robby wne on to add:

"with the automated workflows that OMS provides, I believe OMS has definitely given us at Alpine a strong competitive edge"<

Carlos George, President, San Francis Imports

Mr. Carlos George of San Francis Imports, a 20-year user of OMS shared with the users how he how his business is able to save money, make money and save time through the built-in fficiences of automate worksflow processes. Carlos said:

"by breakng away from all the manual process of order to fulfillment we have found more cost savings and profitability through OMS"<

Kyle Wardin, Channel Manager, SPS Commerce

Mr. Kyle Wardin of SPS came back to our conference this year and featured the integration of SPs with the OMS EDI System Module. Kyle also spoke about the changes occurring in the retail market how OMS and SPS simplifies the entire workflow process from end-to-end.<

Mission Accomplished


The results of the user survey were extremely positive all across the board. OMS users were unanimous where they beleive OMS headed in the right direction for meeting the challenges and solving the pain points of wholesale/retail distribution.

Our goal was accomplished with the OMS Users as we presented a variety of OMS features and benefits in the present as well as identifying how future of OMS is for our users as we continue to enhance OMS Cloud. We shared the ongoing enhancements of our OMS Warehouse Management System and WMS Task Manager that automates the entire workflow from order to fulfillment along with performane and productivity tools monitoring warehouse personnel performance tasks and assignments in real time.

We presented how our OMS Mobile solution is a device independent mobile sales solution for customers, sales reps and management to pinpoint real time inventory of what's available to sell, enter an order, then deliver an instant email to the customer confirming the order all in real time any place, anytime, anywhere.

As ecommerce continues to expand we then shared with the OMS users how they can rely on the OMS AMAZON API and MarketPlaces API for realtime round trip order processing and inventory updating for their ecommerce marketplaces.

In the end, OMS users can feel re-assured that we willnot stand still and we willalways keep our finger onthe pulse of the ever changing world of wholesale distribution. With that being said: All these newly enhanced and redesigned systems and benefits of the advanced features of OMS were as a result of our unrelenting commitment to ongoing and never ending continuous development of OMS specifically for the enjoyment of you... OMS Users

See you in 2018 at the OMS User Conference